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If there’s one thing that we’re passionate about at FirstIn Physio, it’s sport.  We’ve made it our personal goal to try to get as many kids actively involved in sport as possible, and we strongly support local sporting clubs that foster adolescent athletes throughout their development.  Keeping kids active and teaching them to love sport is the best way to build a healthier future generation for everyone.

Amongst the professional staff we have specialty interest areas that reflect our own sporting endeavors.  Kristy has a strong interest in dance physiotherapy and loves the challenge of treating dancers, which stems from her background in dance.  She also has a special interest in running biomechanics and injuries.

Patrick is skilled in assessing swimming biomechanics and injuries, as well as triathlon-related issues for all ages and levels, from beginner through to Ironman athletes.  He has experience in treating bowling injuries and biomechanics to get the best performance out of your body.  John is our resident football and soccer specialist, and is also great with pediatric injuries.

Thomas is a qualified CrossFit Coach and is a genuine all-rounder, with experience in rehabbing and getting the best performance out of athletes of all levels in a variety of sports from dance through to golf, swimming through to football.  Our resident athletes who train regularly with Thomas for strength and conditioning have seen huge performance improvements and achieved great PB’s over their time here.  Thomas and Kristy have trained in Clinical Pilates under the guidance of Jenny Birckel, Olympic Physiotherapist and experienced dance clinician, and heavily incorporate their Pilates training into their rehabilitation programs with great success.

No matter what level of athlete or what sport, you are in great hands at FirstIn Physio.  We will not only diagnose and treat your injury, but also ensure that you return to sport fitter and with lower injury risk than before the injury.  Give us a call today!

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